A letter from a parent:

I want you to know that when school started this year, my son had a better start than he has ever had.  He raised his hand and participated in class from the first day – he’s never done that before!  We talked a lot about taking what he learned at YCSEP about being a leader and stepping out of his shell to participate in class, and how he can take that and use it in his everyday experience in school.  He came home the first day and said he raised his hand and got called on 5 times – more than in the rest of his life combined.  I talked to his teacher yesterday, and she had no idea that he has a history of not participating – she was shocked!  YCSEP, and the wonderful teachers he had, helped him tremendously.  So many of them told him that he was a class leader, and he believed them – and he became one.  I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I am at what YCSEP did for him!

Thank you – you make such a huge difference in the lives of kids, and their families, with this wonderful program.  And thank you for encouraging us to come.  We’ll be there this year, without fail!

Young Child Parent Questionnaire (for new applicants only)

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