Course Information

Tentative Summer 2015 Course Sampling

  • Pinhole photography
  • Digital photography
  • Musical Improvisation
  • Electronic Composition
  • Video Killed the Radio Star (A closer look at music videos!)
  • The Art of Chess
  • Beginning Dance
  • Advanced Dance
  • Movie Magic (Hone in on your film interest!)
  • Memory Book
  • Guitar Jam
  • Say it with Math (The math behind politics and advertising)
  • Acapella Singing
  • ECOnomics (What is nature worth?)
  • Science, Society, and Food (Are you what you eat?)
  • Scalable game design
  • Architecture
  • Portals (What might future species look like?)
  • There have always been giants (Giants on earth that you never knew existed!)
  • Me, Myself, and Film
  • Create Your Own Chinese (Create a new language!)
  • Think Globally (How will you influence the world?)
  • The Immigration Experience
  • Food (Em)power2 (Who has the power in the food industry?)
  • A hunting we will go (Archeology)
  • Got Grit? (How will you persevere when faced with obstacles?)
  • Money, Money, Mo-ney (How much $ do you need to be happy?)

All course topics may not be available to all grade levels.

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