Results from a Survey of 2009 SEP Participants

The hash marks following and below the statements indicate how many respondents (out of 143) responded with that comment in an open-ended survey question. 

Personal Growth

  • More comfortable with me, be myself  /////////////////////////////////////////
  • Curiosity////
  • OK to be away from comfort zone//////
  • Deal with/interact with diverse people//////////////
  • Independence/////
  • Increased self confidence //////////////////////////////////////////
  • Increased self esteem//////////
  • Open minded//
  • Creativity////////
  • Love of learning///


  • accepted for exactly who I was ////////////
  • friends///////////////////////////
  • lifelong friendships///////////////////
  • as a "nerd" (or smart/gifted) I was not alone, not odd. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • Made me more outgoing,////////////////////////
  • Developed social skills////////////////////////////


  • inviting, supportive and encouraging////////////////////////
  • acceptance//////
  • freeing/
  • safe




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