Charles Poston

Professor of Psychological Sciences

  • B.A.: Lynchburg College
  • M.S.: Auburn University
  • Ph.D.: Washington State University

Courses Taught:

Motivation, Research Design and Analysis, Principles of Learning


Validation of Tower of London test

Recent Presentations:

Mitchell, C., & Poston, C.S.L. (1999). The effect of inhibiting responses on Tower of London performance. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Denver, Colorado.

Poston, C.S.L. (1996). The psychology field experience program. Eighteenth Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

Poston, C.S.L. (1997). Failure to generalize fear of success and feedback effects to word task. Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada.

Stelter, D.M., Karlin, N.J., Retzlaff, P.D., and Poston, C.S.L. (1995). Formal caregiver and mental health problems. Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Boulder, Colorado.

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