Grant Morris

Professor of Psychological Sciences

  • B.A.: University of South Florida
  • Ph.D.: Washington State University

Courses Taught:

Research Design and Analysis, Physiological Psychology, Principles of Neuropsychology


Physiological Psychology, Neuropsychology

Recent Publications:

Morris, Grant L., and Alcorn, Mark B. (1995). Raven's Progressive Matrices and inspection time: P200 slope correlates. Personality and Individual Differences, 18(1), 81-87.

Retzlaff, Paul D., and Morris, Grant L. (1996). Event-related potentials during the Continuous Memory Test. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 52, 43-47.

Alcorn, Mark B., and Morris, Grant L. (1996). P300 Correlates of Inspection Time. Personality and Individual Differences, 20(5), 619-627.

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