Teresa M. McDevitt

Tersa M. McDevittProfessor of Psychological Sciences

Ph.D. 1986 Stanford University, Child Development, Psychological Studies in Education

Ed. S. 1984 Stanford University, Program Evaluation

M.A. 1982 Stanford University, Child Development, Psychological Studies in Education

My Areas of Interest

I am interested in child development; family, culture, and other contexts of child development; and educational psychology and teacher education. I am passionate about communicating information about child development and educational psychology to teachers, counselors, psychologists, and others who work with children and adolescents. In my teaching and writing, I draw on my knowledge of psychological research as well as my practical experiences with children, including personal experiences in raising two sons with my husband and my work as an early childhood teacher of toddlers and preschool children, an early childhood special education teacher, and a volunteer in school and community settings.

My Teaching Philosophy

Being an effective teacher to me means trying to improve a little every day in helping learners to learn. Following are the ideals that I aspire to move closer to, one step at a time... I believe that effective teaching is an affirmation of human dignity, a communication of warmth, and a dynamic exchange that culminates in diverse groups of learners developing heightened understandings of concepts and increased proficiencies in carrying out skills. Effective teachers possesses deep and abiding concern for learners; knowledge of subject matter being taught; clear objectives that can be pursued flexibly; familiarity with instructional methods that foster conceptual change; a commitment to high standards; a firm desire to cultivate responsibility in learners; a capacity for self-reflection and a willingness to change themselves; honesty and professionalism; openness to learners’ perspectives; a sensitivity to group dynamics, culture, and the needs of individual learners; and (phew!) a sense of humor, renewal, and community.

Illustrations of recent professional papers & publications

  • McDevitt, T. M., Hess, C., Leesatayakun, M., Sheehan, E. P., & Kaufeld, K. (2013). A Cross-Sectional Study of Career Development in Thai Children in an International School in Bangkok. Journal of Career Development.
  • McDevitt, T. M., & Ormrod, J. E. (2013). Child development and education. Pearson International Edition (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson..
  • McDevitt, T. M., Jobes, R. D., Sheehan, E. P., & Cochran, K. (2010). Is it nature of nurture? Beliefs about child development held by students in psychology courses. College Student Journal, 44(2), 533-550.
  • McDevitt, T. M. (2009). Five themes in teaching child development. Developments (Newsletter of the Society for Research in Child Development), 52(4).
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  • McDevitt, T. M., Sheehan, E. P., Sinco, S., Cochran, L. S., Lauer, D., & Starr, N. (2008). These are my goals: Academic self-regulation in reading by middle school students. Reading Improvement, 45(3), 115-138.

My Curriculum Vitae