Mark Alcorn

Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences

  • A.B.: Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ph.D.: University of Southern California

Courses Taught:

Cognition, Human Growth and Development, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Cognitive Development


Cognitive Development

Recent Publications/Presentations:

Cooper, K., Alcorn, M., & McDevitt (2010). Preschoolers trust previously accurate peers more than those with appropriate perceptual access. Association for Psychological Science. Boston, MA.

Cooper, K., McDevitt, T., & Alcorn, M. (2010, April). Preschoolers’ understanding of the source of knowledge depends on the sensory modality. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Psychology Association, Denver, Colorado.

Granrud, C.E., Nawrot, E., Alcorn, M.B., & Brink, B. (2009) Children's Perception of Distant Object Size: Effects of Relative Size Information. Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO, April, 2008.

Mutter, B, Alcorn, M.B., and Welsh, M. (2006). Theory of mind and executive function: Working-memory capacity and inhibitory control as predictors of false-belief task performance. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 102, 819-835.

Norton, K., Alcorn, M. B., Welsh, M., & Granrud, C. (2004). Children’s understanding of modality-specific knowledge may be related to their social-cognitive problem solving. American Psychological Society, Chicago, Illinois.

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