No Mystery is so Profound as the Mystery of the Human Mind

We live in an age of space travel and artificial hearts, virtual reality and cloned sheep. Yet for all our technical advancement, our world is still a troubled one. We have school shootings and gang violence, broken families and teenage parents, racial conflict and cultural unrest, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, low school achievement and high dropout rates. We have greater material wealth than any society in the history of humanity, yet depression is common.

These problems will not be solved by a new drug, a new computer chip, or any other new technology. They will only be solved through an understanding of human thought, feeling, and action. This is the domain of the psychological sciences

Psychological Science is Important

Alan Kraut, Executive Director of the Association for Psychological Science:

Spring Information:


Wejdan Felmban, Doctoral student in Educational Psychology, has received the Fall 2015 Graduate Dean's Citation for Excellence. Students receiving the citation will be recognized at the Graduate School Honor's Reception and at the Commencement Ceremony, both held on Friday, December 11, 2015.

Dr. Felmban is now Assistant Professor of Psychology at Effat University in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Marilyn Welsh, Professor of Psychological Sciences, and Dr. Eric Peterson, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences, will receive $9,910 via the Provost Research Dissemination and Faculty Development Competition for their project: The Impact of Child Maltreatment History on Cognition, Emotion, and Adaptation in College.

Dr. Kristina Phillips

Dr. Kristina Phillips, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences, was appointed to The Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee, operated through the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It is a 14-person committee designed to review scientific literature on outcomes associated with marijuana use. The committee examines national, as well as state data on health outcomes and patterns of use and translates research findings into public health recommendations.

Dr. Rena Kirkland, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, received a $5000 award from the UNC Faculty Research and Publications Board to support her research project "Can Grit be Learned? An Exploration of Parental Influences on Grit."

The School of Psychological Sciences will be hosting their annual Research Forum on Tuesday, October 20, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the Columbine A room at the University Center. Students are welcome to drop by at any time during the forum. Approximately ten to twelve professors from various areas of psychology will discuss their research interests and whether they are currently recruiting research assistant volunteers. Areas represented include Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Clinical Psychology.

In September 2015, Dr. Carl Granrud was in Bonn, Germany, to launch a research project on infant visual perception. The project is investigating 4- to 5-month-old infants' abilities to use stereoscopic depth information, the visual information available from having two eyes, to segment visual scenes and recognize objects, such as human faces. Dr. Granrud is collaborating on this project with Dr. Michael Kavsek, of the University of Bonn.

Dr. Doug Woody was selected by President Norton to Co-Chair the Campus Work Group as part of the Campus Climate Initiative.

Professor Nancy Karlin received the 2015 Faculty Award for International Engagement and Moshe Machlev, doctoral student in educational psychology, won a Graduate Research Award, 2nd place Social Science, Education and Business (oral): "Does Instructor Use of Humor Affect female and Male Students Differently"

School Scholars for the 2014-2015 year

The School of Psychological Sciences Faculty selected 9 students to be recognized as School Scholars for the 2013-2014 year. Only a very small percentage of psychology students receive this distinction each year based upon their academic achievement, research involvement, leadership, and potential for success in the discipline.

Undergraduate Psychology Majors

  • Theo Albo, Sr.
  • Rebecca Artzer, Jr.
  • Henry Chirino, Sr.
  • Eva Fontaine, Sr.
  • Kathryn LaFary, Sr.
  • Steven Tienvieri, Sr.

Graduate Students

  • Chelsie Hess, PhD Program in Educational Psychology
  • Moshe Machlev, PhD Program in Educational Psychology
  • Bryden Spencer, PhD Program in Educational Psychology

Jannessa McReynolds, who graduated Magna Cum Laude with the BA in Psychology in December 2014, was a recipient of the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Student Paper Award: Kitchin (McReynolds), J. (2015). Sensory processing specificity in autism. Paper presentation at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association’s Annual Conference, Boise, ID. (Nancy Karlin, Faculty Sponsor)

Dr. Crystal Baker (Ph.D. Educational Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado) collaborated with current School of Psychological Sciences’ faculty Marilyn Welsh, Eric Peterson, and James Kole on a research presentation that will receive The Laird S. Cermak Award at the 2015 conference of the International Neuropsychological Society. The prize is awarded at the Society's Annual and Mid-Year Meetings for the best research presented in the area of memory or memory disorders.

Baker, C. A., Welsh, M., Peterson, E., & Kole, J. (February, 2015). Musical working memory in musicians and non-musicians within Baddeley’s multicomponent working memory model.

The UNC Faculty Research and Publications Board selected Professor Doug Woody from the School of Psychological Sciences as the A.M. and Jo Winchester Distinguished Scholar for 2015.

Thom Dunn

When Healthy Eating Calls For Treatment: Associate Professor Thom Dunn explores orthorexia nervosa

Professor Carl Granrud made the following presentations at the European Conference on Visual Perception in Belgrade, Serbia:

  • Granrud, C. E., & Kavšek, M. (2014, August). Testing Two Theories of Size Constancy Development in Childhood.
  • Kavšek, M., & Granrud, C. E. (2014, August). Does stereoscopic depth information affect a
    colored version of the Munker-White illusion?

Michael Phillips and Kevin PughTransformative Education through
‘Calvin and Hobbes’

UNC Students in Educational Psychology Classes Develop Intervention Strategies to Reach Difficult Pupils.
Read the full story (pg. 7)

Dr. Doug Woody recieves the Sears Helgoth Distinguished Teaching AwardDr. Doug Woody is the inaugural recipient of the Sears Helgoth Distinguished Teaching Award. Professor Woody, center, with Kathleen Sears and Jim Helgoth, donors of the distinguished teaching award. Read the full story

Dr. Paul Klaczynski has been chosen as one of the first recipients of the Center for International Educationís Faculty Award for Internationalism. The award will be presented at the CIEís International Banquet.

Dr. Kevin PughDr. Kevin Pugh will be presenting two papers at the International Conference on Motivation in Helsinki Finland, June 12-14, 2014:

  • Pugh, K. J. Passion, action, and transformation: A theory of transformative experience.
  • Pugh, K. J., & Bergstrom, C. M. Why some students undergo transformative experiences and others do not: Current research and future directions.

Dr. Nancy Karlin

Dr. Nancy Karlin, Professor of Psychological Sciences,

Was recognized by the College of Educational and Behavioral Sciences as the 2013-2014 Outstanding Teacher.

2014 Psi Chi Conference Grant Award Winners:

Dr. Nancy Karlin
  • Austin Seeley (Faculty mentor: Nancy Karlin)
    • Rocky Mountain Psychological Association presentation
    • Presentation Title: Self-efficacy and depression as predictors of resiliency in fire survivors
    • Austin was awarded the Bell/Loomis Environmental Symposium 2014 Award at RMPA.
  • Scott Schmaltz (Faculty mentors: Kristina Phillips, Michael Phillips)
    • Rocky Mountain Psychological Association presentation (Winner of a Rocky Mountain Psi Chi Award)
    • Presentation Title: The relationship between marijuana use, personality traits and academic performance in college students
  • Amanda Hayes (Faculty mentors: Kristina Phillips, Michael Phillips)
    • Rocky Mountain Psychological Association presentation (Winner of a Rocky Mountain Psi Chi Award)
    • Presentation Title: The relationship between marijuana use, personality traits and academic performance in college students

More News from the School of Psychological Sciences

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