Why Major in Psychology?

Psychology is one of the most popular university degree programs. There are several reasons for this. Psychology is intrinsically interesting. We like to study how and why people do the things they do. Psychology provides insights into all facets of human and animal behavior, such as interpersonal behavior (for example, attraction, aggression, compliance, prejudice), development, learning, cognition, abnormal behavior, and the mind-body relationship.

Psychology also provides access to a variety of careers. Psychology has been recently ranked in the top 10 highest demand fields. There is predicted to be a high demand for individuals with graduate degrees in several areas of psychology: industrial, social, educational, for example. Additionally, an undergraduate degree in psychology provides access to many other graduate programs including: business, medicine, law, rehabilitation counseling, and special education.

If you do not get a graduate degree, psychology is still regarded by employers as highly relevant to many careers. This is because psychology provides students with many transferable skills:

  • understanding of human behavior
  • developing rapport at the group level
  • tolerance for different values and backgrounds
  • writing coherent, well-organized essays
  • collecting, recording, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • designing and conducting surveys
  • understanding and evaluating research findings
  • using library resources to help solve a problem or answer a question.