Study Abroad

The School of Psychological Sciences encourages students to consider studying abroad.  We recently have had students studying in South Africa, Spain, Korea, China, England, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, and the Czech Republic. After deciding if study abroad is right for you and choosing a school to attend, share your plans with your advisor and get her/his approval for transfer of credits to the UNC psychology major.

UNC offers hundreds of different study abroad programs in over 60 countries around the world. This diversity allows students to consider programs that can fit any academic, financial, or personal need. While abroad, students can earn credits toward major, minor, and LAC requirements. Although psychology majors do not have to take courses in psychology while abroad, the programs listed below are recommended for those seeking credits in psychology.  While it is not a comprehensive list of programs from which you can transfer psychology credits to UNC, these schools provide instruction in English, allow you to pay UNC tuition as always, and in the past have provided a variety of psychology courses that will transfer. Other possible options are to study abroad through one of UNC’s affiliate program providers or through the National Student Exchange.  For more information about opportunities, please consult with Lauren Bruce, Study Abroad & Exchange Director in the Center for International Education (970 351-2396).

UNC Exchange Programs




ISEP Exchanges

UNC is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).  ISEP is a consortium of over 330 institutions in more than 55 countries. Students have the opportunity to participate in two types of ISEP programs- ISEP Exchange or ISEP-Direct. Students participating in ISEP exchange will pay normal tuition, fees, room, and board to UNC. Students participating in ISEP-Direct will pay expenses to the foreign institution. Program costs for ISEP-Direct vary between institutions and offers an alternate  enrollment option outside of the limits of ISEP Exchange.









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