Careers, Graduate School, and Professional Associations.

What Can I do with a Bachelorís in Psychology?

There are many employment opportunities for individuals with a Bachelorís degree in Psychology. Use the links below to research different careers and learn more about them.

Jobs/Careers in Psychology

Use the following websites to find current job openings.

Graduate School Links

Graduate school is the next step for some individuals who have a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Use the links below to learn more about different graduate degrees in Psychology, as well as schools and Universities that offer them. There are also a few links.

University of Northern Colorado Graduate Degrees in Psychology & Counseling:

Nursing for Psychology Majors

Professional Associations:

Professional Associations are a great way to stay connected to the professional world of psychology. Being a member of a professional association allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest findings, upcoming conferences, networking opportunities, as well as current job postings.

General Psychology Information:

Below are several links where you can learn more about the field of Psychology, as well as specific branches of it.