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School of Psychological Sciences Research

Teacher-scholars. Scientist-practitioners. Research in the School of Psychological Sciences covers a wide range of areas that include clinical, cognitive, developmental, educational and social psychology, as well as neuroscience and applied cognitive science.

Psychology Program Research Participant Pool (SONA)

For researchers wanting to use the Participant Pool (commonly referred to as SONA):

Note regarding IRB approval: All research projects conducted under the auspices of UNC (e.g. by faculty, students, or staff) involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the university's Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please consult the UNC Institutional Review Board website before continuing.

For PSY 120 Principles of Psychology students wishing to sign up for participation in research studies:

Thank you for your participation.

Annual Psychological Sciences Research Forum

Faculty members from a number of different areas in Psychology come together to discuss their research interests and current recruiting needs for research assistant volunteers. Areas represented include educational psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

  • Event:  School of Psychological Sciences Annual Research Forum
  • When:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 3:30pm - 6:00pm
  • Where:  Ross Hall 1010