Mission Statement

The counseling faculty views potential candidates as unique, with strengths and assets to be identified, encouraged, and developed during their graduate education. The knowledge of human relations skills necessary to help individuals recognize their own and other persons’ unique promise and discover opportunities for its expression form the core of preparation for students in professional counseling.  Such knowledge and skills are learned in part from research and study in the behavioral and social sciences, various skill development activities, and supervised practica.  Opportunities for a broad understanding of human behavior and human relationships in a diverse society are included in the education of the student in counseling.

The Professional Counseling faculty is committed to the development of broadly based competent professional counselors skilled in helping people with personal, academic, interpersonal, and career concerns in educational settings and community agencies.  The requirements of the program are conceptualized within the framework and standards set forth by the counseling profession, Colorado state law, the UNC Graduate School and job requirements.