UNC Education Programs Receive Important National Accreditation

The education programs at the University of Northern Colorado received full and unconditional accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The announcement from NCATE follows on from a site visit last November when an NCATE team of four visited the campus for three days to meet with education students, graduates, faculty, administrators and school district personnel, including classroom teachers and principals who are intimately involved in the preparation of UNC educators. The NCATE team also reviewed a large amount of documentation regarding the quality of UNC students and programs.

NCATE is the most important national accreditor of teacher preparation programs. UNC has been accredited by NCATE since 1954. In general, the NCATE review focuses on two main areas: that the institution has high standards and systems in our programs and that our graduates meet performance criteria that are focused on student achievement.

UNC has a long tradition in the preparation of quality educators. In Colorado, UNC remains the institution that prepares the greatest number of educators across the widest range of areas: early childhood, elementary, secondary, special education, art, music and physical education teachers along with graduate programs in a variety of education-related areas: counseling, school administration, school and educational psychology, reading, science and technology. Annually we recommend about 600 teachers for licensure. “We take our mission to be the leader in educator preparation very seriously. This wonderful outcome from NCATE indicates our commitment to the preparation of quality educators is validated by the most important and credible accreditation agency in the country”, says Eugene Sheehan, Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

The positive NCTAE outcome is also reflective of the campus-wide commitment to educator preparation. Although organized from the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, faculty from the Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Health Sciences, Performing and Visual Arts and the University College contributed to the preparation efforts. This campus-wide collaboration in education is one of the features that distinguish UNC from many other teacher preparation programs.

The educator programs at UNC are also fully accredited by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. These state entities review Colorado educator programs every five years.

Further information about the UNC education programs can be found at: www.unco.edu/cebs and about NCATE at www.ncate.org.