Non-SPA Matrix, Initial Programs

Program, report

Assessment 1 Content knowledge

Assessment 2 Content knowledge

Assessment 3 Ability to plan instruction

Assessment 4 Ability to teach

Assessment 5 Impact on St learning

Assessment 6 Exit Survey

I-4 Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood Education Emph. (ISEC), (Birth-3 grade) PLACE or Praxis Exam GPA in content classes, 2.75 for initial admission, 3.0 for full Capstone Project: Unit Plan assessment Final Student Teaching Evaluation Form Capstone Project: Evaluative and Reflective Essays Exit Survey
I-24 Theatre Arts: Secondary Teaching Emph. GPA in content classes; 2.5 for initial admission, 3.0 for full Advanced Work Sample: Unit Plan assessment Advanced Work Sample: Effect Size Worksheet
I-22 Communication Studies: Secondary Teaching Emph.
I-9 to I-11 Science Secondary Licensure
I-6. Art and Design: Art K-12 Teaching Emph. 3.0 in Art and a 2.80 GPA for overall coursework
I-25 Secondary Education, Post Baccalaureate (7-12) 3.0 GPA in the previous 60 CH, or 900 combined GRE; transcript review for content courses

Includes I-9. Chemistry B.S.: Secondary Teaching Emph.; I-10. Physics: Secondary Teaching Emph.; I-11. Biology B.S.: Secondary Teaching Emph; I-12. Earth Sciences B.S.: Secondary Teaching Emph.