Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources


Evidence for the Onsite BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit


Response Exhibits

Comparability of the Differential Staffing and Workload policy across the four colleges in the Professional Education Unit. Does this policy impact only faculty in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences?


Status of budget in light of economic conditions in the state. What plans have been developed in case of continuing economic problems?


Evaluations and rewards of instructors in branch campuses. Are these policies and procedures the same as for main campus faculty? What is the policy?
Status of the Education Innovation Institute that was established in 2008-2009.



Programs not located in CEBS. How does the unit ensure that these programs adhere to policies derived in the CEBS?




Facilities, including budget, technology and library access, at branch campuses? How do these resources compare with the main campus?