Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

Evidence for the Onsite BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit

Response Exhibits

Qualifications of faculty. The exhibit on Faculty Qualifications Summary shows two faculty members with only a BA/BS degree. What specific role/job responsibility do they perform in the unit?



University supervisors of clinical practice. What is the status of the university supervisors (e.g., full-time or adjunct faculty)?


Faculty evaluation system. Why did the unit decide to modify the system, which became effective in spring 2010?  How will the unit determine if the new revised system is an improvement compared to the old system?  What research studies (based on data generated from the assessment system) are in progress or are being planned to determine if the system has achieved the intended outcomes?     


Faculty service in P-12 education. To what extent are unit faculty engaged in dialogues about design and delivery of instructional programs with local P-12 school and community partners? What are some examples of this involvement? How are unit faculty providing leadership for the local schools in the area?


Collaboration with P-12 school partners. What are some examples of program changes resulting from collaborating with P-12 school partners?


Mentoring program for new faculty. Although the mentoring program is relatively new (started only 2 years ago by the dean), what evidence indicates that it will be successful.