Standard 4: Diversity

Evidence for the Onsite BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit

Response Exhibits

Candidate assessment data related to diversity proficiencies for the MAT programs in curriculum studies, elementary education emphasis, and physical education as well as master’s programs in foreign languages-Spanish teaching emphasis and mathematics teaching emphasis. How is diversity being addressed in the new mathematics course? What assessments will provide data on development of these proficiencies? How are grades in some areas providing data related to diversity proficiencies?


Faculty knowledge and experiences related to diversity. What experiences do faculty members have? What professional development activities have been provided to assist faculty in developing their knowledge base in this area?



Most recent demographic data on candidates in initial teacher preparation and advanced programs (not undergraduate and graduate degree completers).


  • Narrative Response
“Alternative methods” of ensuring diverse field experiences, particularly at the advanced level. What are these methods? How are they used? What is the diversity of students in the alternative field experiences for advanced candidates?
  • Narrative Response
  • P-12 Student Demographic Data of Advanced Programs
Status of meeting diversity goals at the target level. Where is the unit in meeting its target goals? What are the next steps?