Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

Evidence for the Onsite BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit


Supervision and support of candidates enrolled in student teaching abroad. How many candidates are involved in student teaching abroad? How does the unit assess supervision and faculty support for candidates enrolled in student teaching abroad?
Screening, training, and evaluation of university supervisors of clinical practice? How are criteria tracked? How does the unit match university supervisors with cooperating teachers, and student teachers?




Cooperating Teacher data base. What data has been collected to assess the impact of the Cooperating Teacher data base? What are the plans to expand the information provided in the Cooperating Teacher database (e.g. results of student teacher exit surveys).




Challenges facing candidates identified by the Partner District Task Force. What responses have been developed or are being developed to address these challenges?  What is being done to meet the need to improve communication with parents, classroom management, and differentiated instruction and intervention strategies?



Procedure for identifying and assisting student teachers who are struggling during their clinical practice. What is the procedure? What happens to candidates who are not meeting the expected proficiencies?


Self-placement for student teaching. How many candidates use the self-placement option? How does the unit assess the strengths and weaknesses of self-placement? What restrictions are there on self-placement?


  • Narrative
Inservice and training for university supervisors and cooperating teachers. How often does the unit receive requests and what are the most requested topics? How does the unit determine the content of inservice and professional development training? How do data from the candidate exit surveys determine the content of cooperating teacher training?



Use of information technology during clinical practice. What do data on student teachers' use of information technology during their clinical experience tell the unit?


  • Narrative
Field experiences for advanced programs. What are the requirements at the advanced level? How are these tracked and monitored?


Placements for candidates in middle level programs. It appears that candidates are not always placed in two different levels for student teaching as expected by the NMSA.


  • There are no middle level programs at UNC.  These were discontinued in 2003.
Clinical practice at off-campus sites. What are the similarities and differences between requirements?