G. 3. Exhibits. Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources

Required exhibits


1. Policies on governance and operations of the Unit Board Policy Manual; University Regulations; PEC by-laws; Sample TE Faculty Meeting Agendas
2, Organizational chart or description of the Unit governance structure Organization chart
3. Unit policies on student services such as counseling and advising School of Teacher Education: Advising Resources and Advising Policies; List of Teacher Education Advisors; ISET advising center; PTEP faculty Advising survey ; Academic Support and Advising; Disability Support Services; Counseling Center; Psychological Services Clinic
3. Recruiting and admission policies for candidates Preview days; Greeley Promise scholarship; Project Teacher Find; Diversity Recruitment Initiatives; Teach Colorado Scholarship Program Report; UNC Admissions
4. Academic calendars, catalogs, Unit publications, grading policies, and Unit advertising Catalogs; College of Education and Behavioral Sciences  site; School of Teacher Education site; Board Policy Manual; University Regulations; UNC Academic Calendar; Provost Academic Affairs Newsletters  ; CEBS Newsletters: Spring 2007, Spring 2008, and Fall 2009; New marketing campaign brochure
5. Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, and professional development Unit Budget; University Annual Budgets Summaries       
6. Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses Budget comparisons
7. Faculty workload policies Board Policy Manual (pages 96-110); CEBS Differential Staffing and Workload Plan; CEBS Summer Teaching Guidelines
8. Summary of faculty workloads Summary of faculty workloads; STE Sample Workloads
9. List of facilities List of facilities
10. Description of library resources UNC Libraries website; University Libraries Symposium: Envisioning the Future Report
11. Description of resources for distance learning, if applicable Office of Extended Studies site; Office of Extended Studies on-line program development fund; Distance education degree programs; Information Technology: Blackboard Resources