Field and Clinical Experience Handbooks and Rubrics

(Elementary PACE Form

Initial programs, handbooks linked


I-1 Interdisciplinary Studies: Elementary Teaching Emph.and I-3 Postbaccalaureate Field Assessment Form
PTEP Student Teaching Final Form; See also live form
Elementary Pace Form (No longer used)
Exit Survey ; See also live form
I-4 Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood Education Emph.
I-6 Art and Design: Art K-12 Teaching Emph. K-12 Student Teaching Rubric
PTEP Student Teaching Final Form; See also live form
Exit Survey; See also live form
I-7 Sport and Exercise Science, B.S.
I-8 Music Education: Instrumental Music and Vocal, Piano and General Music K-12 Teaching Emph.
I-9 to I- 24 Secondary Education, undergraduate and I-25 Postbaccalaureate (7-12)
PTEP Student Teaching Final Form; See also live form
PTEP Student Teaching Final Evaluation
(No longer used)
Secondary Student Teaching Standards Rubric
Exit Survey ; See also live form
I-32 Special Education: Generalist Emph. (K-12) Special Education M.A. Generalist Performance Based Checklist
I-33 Special Education: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Emph. Performance Based Checklist

Advanced programs, handbooks linked


A-1 Administrators' Licensure: District Level Leadership Platform Rubric for Administrators' Licensure
A-2 Art & Design Art & Design MA Capstone Rubric
A-7 Educational Technology Action Research Rubric for Field Experience
A-18 School Counseling Internship Course Syllabus
A-19 School Library Education School Library Education Internship Rubric
A-21 School Psychology Ph.D. School Psychology Practicum Evaluation Rubric