F. 3. Exhibits. Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

Required exhibits


1. Data table on faculty qualifications Faculty Qualifications Summary
2. Licensure information on school faculty Cooperating teachers must be licensed per UNC policy; School Faculty Quality Report
3. Samples of faculty scholarly activities Faculty Qualifications Summary (Page 4); CEBS Fall 2009 Newsletter (pages 9-16)
4. Summary of service and collaborative activities engaged in by faculty with the professional community Faculty Qualifications Summary;
5. Promotion and tenure policies and procedures Board Policy Manual (Pages 110-114); UNC Comprehensive Review Page; CEBS Comprehensive Review Process and Guidelines
6. Samples of forms used in faculty evaluation and summaries of the results Annual Evaluation Summary, Policy, and Forms; Comprehensive Review form
7. Opportunities for professional development activities provided by the Unit TEF Meetings sample agendas; CETL Current Workshops; Skillsoft; Sample Professional Development Calendar