E. 3. Exhibits. Standard 4: Diversity

Required exhibits


1. Proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to develop Candidate Diversity Proficiencies
2. Curriculum components that address diversity proficiencies Diversity Curriculum Matrices; Diversity Curriculum Scan Report
3. Assessment instruments, scoring guides, and data related to diversity Diversity Assessment Instruments and Data
4. Data table on faculty demographics Faculty Demographic Data; School Faculty Quality Report; UNC Commitment to Diversity Award
5. Policies and practices for recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty Hiring Practices Recruitment of Diverse Faculty
6. Data table on candidate demographics Experiences Working with Diverse Candidates; Candidate Demographic Data
7. Policies and practices for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Candidates
8. Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice (see example attached to NCATE's list of exhibits) P-12 Student Demographic Data
9. Policies, practices, and/or procedures that facilitate candidate experiences with students from diverse groups Diverse Field Experience Policy and DFE Form; DFE Form Samples