30 for 30 - 30 ways to gift The Center in this 30th anniversary year:

  1. Endow the full funding for operations and name the Center
  2. Endow a chair for a professor of gifted and talented education
  3. Support doctoral student 1 year, 2 years, 3 years
  4. Support M.A. student — tuition, practicum, books, local and national conference attendance
  5. Support classes for rural teachers — registration and fees
  6. Fund annual workshops, lecture series, symposium, or conference for teachers on topics of high interest (e.g., urban education, rural education, creativity, minority/diversity issues, twice exceptional, social/emotional issues, underachievement, math and science)
  7. Sponsor an SEP guest presenter — (e.g., scientist, artist)
  8. Sponsor a student from your home town to attend SEP/LEP
  9. Provide a scholarship for a promising student in the sciences to attend SEP
  10. Support an expert teacher for SEP — engineer, visual or performing artist
  11. Fund a UNC research study on a topic in gifted and talented education
  12. Support SEP technology options — software, computers for a tech lab, tech lab rental, projectors/laptops
  13. Provide specialized training for teachers for the Young Child Program
  14. Cover publication costs for an edition of the Center magazine
  15. Sponsor publication costs for SEP memory book
  16. Provide funding for the LEP Ropes Course experience
  17. Fund a support staff position for the Center and/or SEP
  18. Sponsor 30th year reunion — reception, dinner
  19. Supply books/resources for parents/teachers library
  20. Sponsor specialized materials for SEP classes —photography, art classes
  21. Sponsor an SEP event- Banquet, Talent Show, Brain Bowl
  22. Sponsor Native American teacher to teach at SEP
  23. Establish a Think Tank on current problems in gifted education
  24. Provide travel funds for an out-of-state student to attend SEP/LEP
  25. Establish a community board/blog on gifted education issues
  26. Scholarships to a Center sponsored parent conference — registration, fees
  27. Sponsor speaker for parent conference
  28. Sponsor contest/fair for writing, tech, art, creative production, research
  29. Contribute funds to provide mentorships for high potential students
  30. Support development of challenging curriculum for students in content areas