Educational / Specialist Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Course Descriptions
Academic Advisor It is necessary for all students enroled in this program to have an advisor. A faculty member will be assigned to work with you in establishing the learning experiences that you will follow as part of your educational specialist program.

Course Requirements

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Core 15 hours
Student must choose courses with an ELPS prefix to fulfill this requirement.  
Specialization Area 9 hours
Courses fulfilling professional needs and interest. Select from the following electives below.  
Elective Courses in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies  
ELPS 601 Leadership Development Through Inquiry 3 hours
ELPS 603 Shaping Organizations: Management and Leadership in Education 3 hours
ELPS 604 Understanding People: Professional Development and Educational Leadership 3 hours
ELPS 605 External Environments: Social,Political, and Economic Influences in Educational Leadership 3 hours
ELPS 650 School Finance and Budgeting 3 hours
ELPS 651 School Business Management 3 hours
ELPS 654 Instructional Leadership and Supervision 3 hours
ELPS 655 Seminar in Learning in Adulthood 3 hours
ELPS 660 Law and the Administrator 3 hours
ELPS 662 Design and Delivery of Professional Development 3 hours
ELPS 663 Developing Grants and Contracts 3 hours
ELPS 665 Policy Analysis and Development 3 hours
ELPS 670 The Principalship: Leadership at the School Site Level 3 hours
ELPS 711 Advanced Theories for Changing Organizations 3 hours