ELPS Program Mission Statement

The mission of the ELPS program is to train aspiring educational leaders to successfully lead organizations in the 21st Century to positively impact student achievement.

To fulfill this mission, the degree and licensure programs are exemplified by the following beliefs:

  1. Human growth and development are lifelong pursuits.
  2. Organizations exist in a larger societal context.
  3. Learning, teaching, and collegiality are fundamental activities of organizations.
  4. Diversity strengthens organizations.
  5. Organizations and leaders are accountable to stakeholders.
  6. Leadership encompasses a learned set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices.
  7. Validated knowledge and active inquiry form the basis of practice.
  8. Morals and ethics drive leadership behavior.
  9. Leaders develop positive interpersonal relationships.
  10. Leadership in organizations depends on individual and team efforts.
  11. Leaders' behaviors and actions model their beliefs and values.
  12. Leaders effect positive change in individuals and organizations.