Graduates Reflect . . .

"My experience with the ELPS faculty convinced me that rigorous curricula with high expectations can be delivered in a caring way Nasa Pictureand that this should be a standard for any level of education."

Jim Lowham, Superintendent

Casper, Wyoming


"I have found theRopes Activity Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program to be of extreme benefit for my professional career ...I have used the concepts and strategies in both health care and academic institutions to create positive change."

Barbara J. White, RN and Director of Nursing Programs

Health One, Denver

"The ELPS faculty support a marvelous learning environment which 'walks the talk' of educational leadership."

David Wangaard, Director

School of Ethical Education, Connecticut

Sam and Tuck


"...I cannot imagine a better learning experience - it has prepared me to do whatever I choose to do in the field and has sustained me in times of struggle and disappointment."

Ann Miser, Instructor

University of Hawaii