Research Apprenticeship

The Research Apprenticeship is a critical first step in your doctoral training in Educational Psychology.  It represents your first major research project that will be closely mentored and supervised by your advisor or other faculty member in the program who has relevant research interests.  Students generally begin their Research Apprenticeship in their second semester in the doctoral program. The best way to get this process started is: 

  1. Read the guidelines for the research apprenticeship
  2. Meet with your advisor to discuss options for the research apprenticeship
  3. With your advisor (or another faculty member with whom you are doing the research apprenticeship), complete the research apprenticeship working agreement form and return it to the School of Psychological Sciences office.

Your Research Apprenticeship culminates in a written product that is determined by mutual agreement with your research advisor and the entire project should be completed before the completion of 36 credit hours in the doctoral program.