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Let's Get to the Bottom of It: Educational (In)Opportunity among Historically Marginalized Students of Color

While education reformists still struggle with the distinction between the "Achievement Gap" and "Opportunity Gap," Students of Color continue to face adversity in their schooling experiences and educational opportunities. In consequence, students "who are least advantaged continue to exist [nearly] invisibly at the margins." (Oprisko & Caplan, 2014, p. 36). By centering the role of structural marginalization, the presenter will facilitate a discussion into discerning the root causes of educational (in)opportunity among historically marginalized students of color.  

  • Jan. 25, 2016
  • 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
  • Candaleria RM #1375
  • Lunch will be provided

Joshua J. Prudhomme is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Policy and Practice at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is Co-Director of the Education Diversity Scholars Program, an instructor of record for first generation students at CU, and a researcher for the National Education Policy Center. He is dedicated to contributing to policy and practice that engenders equity and improves access to quality educational opportunities and experiences for historically marginalized youth—in particular, students of color and students in foster care.


The HESAL program faculty will share how they understand INCLUSIVENESS, as reflected in the CEBS Diversity & Equity Framework, and discuss how it informs their teaching, research, and praxis at varying levels (e.g., program, College, and/or Profession). Interested participants are encourage to come prepared to join the conversation and add to the knowledge constructed in this space. More information about how the CEBS Diversity & Equity Framework describes INCLUSIVENESS can be found below. The full Framework can be found here

  • Oct. 22, noon - 1:00pm
  • McKee 282


Create inclusive classrooms, professional settings, and school communities. We will:

  • Develop habits and skills of learning about our students' cultural heritage, their families and communities.
  • Develop skills for teaching tolerance and the values of a pluralistic society.
  • Create an environment open to differences and intolerant to harassment, welcoming diversity through a combination of inclusive instruction, professional practices, and relevant community connections

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