Elysia V. Clemens, PhD

Elysia V. Clemens, PhD elysia.clemens@unco.edu
248 McKee Hall

Elysia is an associate professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education. Her research interests include school counseling, child/adolescent mental heath/continuity of care, and improving educational outcomes of at-risk populations.

Selected Scholarly Activities

  • Clemens, E. V., Welfare, L. E., & Williams, A. (2011). Elements of successful school reentry after psychiatric hospitalization. Preventing School Failure, 55, 202-213.
  • Clemens, E. V., Carey, J., & Harrington, K. (2010). The school counseling program
    implementation survey: Initial instrument development steps and exploratory factor analysis. Professional School Counseling, 14, 125-134.
  • Clemens, E. V., Welfare, L. E., & Williams, A. (2010). Tough transitions: Mental health care professionals’ perception of the psychiatric hospital to school transition. Residential Treatment for Children & Youth, 24, 243-263.
  • Clemens, E. V., Milsom, A., & Cashwell, C. S. (2009). Using Leader-Member Exchange theory to examine principal-school counselor relationships and school counselors’ roles, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. Professional School Counseling,13, 75-85.
  • Wachter, C. A., Clemens, E. V., Lewis, T. F.(2008). Exploring school counselor
    involvement of administrative and familial stakeholders and school counselor burnout through an Adlerian theoretical framework. Journal of Individual Psychology, 64, 432-449.
  • Wachter, C. A., Barrio, C., & Clemens, E. V. (2008). Crisis-specific supervision of school counselors: The P-SAEF model. Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory, & Research, 36, 13-24.

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