Internships, Assistantships, and Practica

Applied Statistics and Research Methods graduate students in both statistics and research emphases can individualize their programs of study through internships, apprenticeships, and practica. The ASRM programs prepare students for real-world issues, methods, and procedures that researchers deal with when solving practical problems in applied settings.

Students can find experiential opportunities within the ASRM program. Teaching Assistantships are often available for paid training in statistical education at the university level.

Many students take advantage of lab practica to gain course credit as well as valuable experience through work in the Research Consulting Lab. ASRM provides research design and statistical analysis services to UNC faculty and graduate students through one-on-one assistance. Working in the labs also provides access to and training in the use of various statistical software packages as well as current knowledge of workshops and seminars dealing with all aspects of research.

Internships and apprenticeships provide credit for working with ASRM faculty on a variety of research and curricula projects. Information on other internships and assistantships can also be found within individual UNC programs and the Graduate School. Internships also exist with local, national and International entities.