Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The path to the Doctoral degree in Applied Statistics and Research Methods requires successful completion of core and elective coursework, including a student-selected concentration area or cognate, written and oral comprehensive examinations, and dissertation research that makes an original contribution to the literature.

Students who choose the research methods emphasis gain exposure to a broad variety of methodologies, including both quantitative and qualitative methods, measurement and assessment, and program evaluation. Students who choose the applied statistics emphasis learn how to bridge the gap between statistical theory and practice, with a focus on the issues that statisticians face in the workforce.

Prior to admission, students need to possess the knowledge, skills and competencies equivalent to those of a graduate of the MS degree program. If necessary, a student can use elective credits to make up prerequisite deficiencies. Prospective applicants must also include a written statement with application materials outlining the relationship of the PhD program to their professional goals. ASRM PhD Degree requirements are described in the UNC Graduate Course Catalog.

The ASRM Doctoral program prepares students to teach at the university level in areas relating to applied statistics and research methodology. Potential employment possibilities for graduates also include providing leadership in research-related disciplines and acting as research and data analysis consultants in education, industry, and government.

Prospective students may contact Susan Hutchinson for more information.