Master of Science Degree

The path to the Masters degree in Applied Statistics and Research Methods requires successful completion of core and elective coursework and a written comprehensive examination.

The MS program provides students with a broad understanding of appropriate applications of statistical and research methodology and with experience in using computers effectively for statistical analysis.

Students who choose an emphasis on applied statistics need a working knowledge of calculus and linear algebra. Prospective applicants must also include a written statement regarding the relationship of the Master's program to their professional goals with application materials. ASRM MS Degree requirements are outlined in the Graduate Course Catalog

Completion of the ASRM Master's degree will enable graduates to seek employment in career fields requiring the application of statistical or research methodology. Potential employment possibilities include data analysis or experimental design, teaching in a community college, or working as an evaluation or assessment specialist. Attainment of the ASRM Master's degree also serves as a springboard for further education at the doctoral level in programs related to statistics and research.

Prospective students may contact Susan Hutchinson for more information.