Research Consulting Lab Purpose

The Applied Statistics and Research Methods program at the University of Northern Colorado offers free research consulting services to any student, faculty, and staff in the UNC community who is engaged in research. Consultation is provided by ASRM graduate students under faculty supervision.

Some common areas of assistance are study design (sample size, experimental design), statistical analysis & modeling, data management, and basic psychometric analysis (reliability, validity). Please note that consultants are available to provide advice, not to perform any of these tasks for the researcher. Clients should bring specific research questions and be prepared to explain their study in detail.

To arrange a consultation with ASRM statistical consultants, stop by the Research Consulting Lab on the 5th Floor of McKee Hall, Room 537, or call to make an appointment (970-351-1684). Under normal circumstances, a reply may be expected within one business day. Consultations requiring more than a simple answer will not be given by phone.

Qualitative research consulting is sometimes available in the Lab. Call or stop by for more information.