The Research Consulting Lab

Applied Statistics and Research Methods

McKee 537 (351-1495)

The ASRM Research Consulting Lab is committed to providing UNC faculty, staff, and students with free consultation on research and survey design, data collection and management, statistical analysis, and evaluation.  Research consultants have extensive training in applied statistics and research methods, and can offer advice for both quantitative and qualitative research.  The Research Consulting Lab also strives to provide appropriate introductory training with common data analysis software. 

Consulting services include advice and training:

  • designing studies
  • designing surveys
  • selecting methods of data collection
  • selecting methods of data storage and management
  • selecting and implementing statistical analyses

Research consultants are available on a drop-in basis or by appointment.  To make an appointment, please call 351-1495 during open hours (schedule posted) or send an e-mail to For assistance with research projects, clients should anticipate approximately 2-4 weeks of interaction with consultants, exact duration dependent on the scale of the project.

Information about statistical topics, software assistance, and a current schedule of workshops can be found on the RCL Sharepoint site: