Department of Applied Statistics and Research Methods


Spotlight: Summers Only Masters Program

This program has become increasingly more appealing to teachers around the state of Colorado. Courses are scheduled during the months of June and July in such a way that the program may be completed in three summers. Students take a concentration in research methods courses, become well-versed in research, evaluation, and statistical methodology, and acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to conduct statistical analyses and evaluations for educational and state agencies. (read more)

The ASRM website is entirely devoted to the dual disciplines of applied statistics and research methods for UNC students, faculty, and guests. We offer graduate students several choices for advanced study in applied statistics and research methods.

The ASRM website provides a primary source of information to both current and prospective ASRM students. The program provides students with a broad understanding of contemporary applications of statistical and research methodology. The programs emphasize the application of research design and statistics to social, psychological, and educational issues. Graduate study in Applied Statistics and Research Methods also provides students with practical experience with computer technology for statistical analysis.

Feel free to browse the site. The list of ASRM Faculty provides e-mail and phone numbers, as well as links to present professional information. Snail-mail address, directions to McKee Hall, and other contact details can be found in the Contact link. Information about the research design and data analysis services made available to the UNC community can be found in the Research Consulting Lab and Consulting links. Requirements for admission to MS and PhD programs and course descriptions are outlined via Degree Programs links.