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UNC's Extended Campus offers two 18-month, online graduate programs in Teaching American Sign Language (TASL). These online programs requires you to attend a four week session on UNC's campus in Greeley, Colorado each summer. As a native or near-native user of American Sign Language (ASL), the TASL programs provide you with the pedagogical coursework to teach ASL as a foreign/modern language in numerous settings including secondary and post-secondary schools.

Developing your proficiency in ASL is not the goal of these programs.

Coursework & Programs

As a student, you will select one of two programs to complete. With either program, you will start in the summer and complete your master's degree in five consecutive semesters. In addition, you will complete two local teaching practicum experiences, a portfolio, and a master’s project while maintaining a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Teaching American Sign Language M.A.

  • 30 credits
  • 2 courses (6 credits) each semester



The Teaching ASL M.A. program is approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Teaching American Sign Language M.A.: Licensure: World Languages (Grades K-12)

  • 42 credits
  • 2-3 courses (6-9 credits) each semester
  • Obtain your Colorado teaching license (which may be accepted by other states).

The Teaching ASL M.A.: Licensure program is approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education.


As bilingual programs, course content is delivered using different modes of communication (written English, ASL, and PSE) by Deaf and hearing instructors through different forms of media. Therefore, you must be proficient in ASL (native or near-native user) prior to applying.

 Course Descriptions for Teaching American Sign Language

If a local practicum experience cannot be obtained, you may need to relocate for your student teaching. However, every effort will be made to locate local practicum experiences before asking you to consider relocating.

Graduate teaching assistantship opportunities may be available.  Contact the TASL Coordinator for more information. 

Summer Semesters

The TASL programs includes an eight week hybrid semester each summer. During the summer semester, you will begin your courses online, continue them on campus with a four week UNC campus visit, and then finish them online.  While on campus, you will be in class from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm weekdays with daily and weekend assignments.

2017 Summer Session:

May 15 – June 2: Online Orientation
     (Required for Cohort #4)
June 12 - June 23: Online
June 26 – July 1: Break for ASLTA Conference
     (Not required but encouraged!)
July 1-2: Move in Dates
July 2: Onsite Orientation
     (Late Afternoon; Required for Cohort #4)
July 3: Start of Onsite Session
July 4: Independence Day (No Classes)
July 21: End of Onsite Session
July 24 - August 4: Online
     (Wrap Up Assignments)

  2016 - TASL Cohort 2

2016 - TASL Cohort 3



Prior to your summer courses, you will receive information and resources to help you plan a four week campus visit. Most out-of-state students stay in one of UNC's residence halls (approximately $1,000 for the month) and purchase a meal plan through Dining Services.

During the month long campus visit, the Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies brings together the ASL-English Interpretation program (on campus and online) and the TASL program to create a learning community of Deaf and hearing students.


Upon graduation, you will be prepared to teach ASL

  • In a variety of roles (i.e., ASL instructor, tutor, and specialist),
  • To varying age groups (i.e., elementary, secondary, and postsecondary), and
  • In a variety of settings (i.e., deaf studies programs, interpreter education programs, and standalone foreign/modern language courses).

To Learn More

The Teaching ASL programs are offered through UNC's Extended Campus. Additional information on TASL's course schedule, admission requirements, eligibility, tuition costs, and how to apply are available on the Extended Campus website.

 Visit TASL at Extended Campus

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