Forms for Current Students

Assistantships and Internships

Offices with assistantship openings or interested in hosting interns for academic credit can be found here, along with contact information.

Application for Financial Assistance

This application must be completed by HESAL students to be considered for scholarships and fellowships for the following academic year. The deadline for submitting this application to the HESAL office is generally March 1st , although feel free to contact the Office to confirm due date.


Graduate School Deadline Calendar

This calendar is valid thru Summer 2014


HESAL Program of Study Forms

2015-2016 M.A. Planning Form - PDF  
2013-2015 M.A. Planning Form - PDF Ph.D. Planning Form - PDF
M.A. Advising Checklist - PDF Ph.D. Advisng Checklist - PDF
M.A. Program Sequence - PDF Ph.D. Program Progress Review - PDF
M.A. Suggested Course Sequence - PDF Ph.D. Supplemental Request for Approval of Ph.D. Transfer Credits - PDF

HESAL Field Experience/Teaching Practicum/Internship Forms

Guidelines for Field Experiences - PDF Internship/Field Experience Learning Contract - PDF
Intern Evaluation - PDF  

HESAL Application for Directed Study

This form is a contract outlining the work the student agrees to complete for the Directed Study.


HESAL Comprehensive Examination Forms

Permission to Take M.A. Comprehensive Exam - PDF Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam Policies and Procedures - PDF
  Permission to Take Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam - PDF
  Written Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam Cover Sheet - PDF

Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Forms

Please consult the Graduate School website for complete information regarding doctoral dissertation requirements.

Doctoral Dissertation Manual - PDF Request for Appointment of a Doctoral Committee - PDF
Non-Plagiarism Affirmation - PDF Request to Change a Doctoral Committee - PDF

Graduate School Graduation Forms

M.A. Graduation Application - PDF Ph.D. Graduation Application - PDF