The Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership (HESAL) program is distinguished for weaving social justice throughout a curriculum of student development and leadership theories, law and policy, and research design. Our graduates develop an understanding of organizational dynamics and cultivate skills to provide effective leadership in a variety of student affairs, academic, and policy arenas. Excellence in professional practice and scholarly writing are emphasized throughout the program. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

The department offers two degrees preparing professionals for leadership positions in higher education and student affairs:

Commitment to Diversity

The HESAL Program is committed to social justice in an atmosphere of social care. Specifically, we are committed to creating an atmosphere which supports multiple perspectives and diverse students, both in the pursuit of individual research and as a community of scholars. In addition to specific courses dedicated to the topic, multicultural perspectives are woven throughout the curriculum. Space is created for multiple voices through the use of literature, activities, and dialogue that challenge traditional paradigms and explore more inclusive perspectives regarding research, practice, and leadership. Additionally students are encouraged to approach the dissertation in ways that both contribute to the scholarly literature and are culturally congruent with who students are and how they make meaning of the world.