Community and Civic Engagement: Institutionalizing Public Engagement

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Video Highlights Community Based Learning at UNC



The Bob & Bonnie Phelps CAP Awards 2015 - Call for Nominations

Championed by UNC friends Bob and Bonnie Phelps, CAP Awards recognize students whose lives demonstrate an exceptional and exemplary personal commitment to:

  • Contribute…by volunteering time and personal skills, talents, abilities, experience and passion around issues in service to the community.
  • Achieve…by displaying a bias toward action and performance, overcoming obstacles and setbacks, and accomplishing goals.
  • Pay-it-forward…by impacting the lives of others in meaningful and positive ways through random and planned acts of kindness, caring, and “giving back.”

The Awards will recognize up to three students annually who meet the aforementioned criteria for an amount of up to $5000. These financial awards will be applied by UNC’s Office of Financial Aid to help students pay for tuition / fees, University housing, or to reduce the amount of students' college loan debt. Click to learn more. Click here to submit a nomination.

CAP 2014 recipients featured here!

Office of Engagement Launches New Website, Social Media pages

The website you are seeing is designed to provide visitors with the information they seek in an appealing and easy-to-navigate fashion. The Office has also recently launched a Facebook page, with Twitter due not too long into the future. Use the navigation menu at the left to move around within the site; quicklinks to the right connect to other engaged entities across campus. Comments, complaints, and compliments are encouraged via email. Thank you for helping us to meet your needs!

University of Northern Colorado has at the very core of its mission and identity a commitment to shaping educational change (Larson, 1989) and to education innovation in the public interest. UNC has grown from a teacher preparation (normal) school at the turn of last century, into a comprehensive doctoral university preparing education professionals, nurses, community health experts, graduates, researchers and citizens in a broad spectrum of disciplines. Moreover, UNC’s distinctive role and its investment in public education centers on the notion of transformative education by being an “exemplary teaching and learning community,” as envisioned in UNC’s Academic Plan (2012). 

Community and Civic Engagement (CCE) is one of the nine strategic plans, outlined in our university’s planning process. A growing body of research and practice shows that teaching, research and service learning activities engaged in local or global communities are high-impact practices. As a result of work undertaken in 2012-2013, by the CCE Committee and members of our campus community who contributed their voices to the planning process, we are now working to meet the goals articulated in the Community and Civic Engagement Plan.

The CCE plan represents tremendous intellectual energy and commitment by the UNC community. It is informed by our UNC institutional history and distinctive identity, by other ongoing campus wide initiatives, by feedback gathered from prior data, a campus listening tour, and by the experiences of other institutions of higher education as they have infused public engagement into all aspects of their campuses. The plan for the next three years is intended to enhance and guide the infusion of engagement on our campus and in our communities. Copies of the CCE Plan and Executive Summary are available.