UNC Engagement Impact

At UNC, bringing education to life is about engaging students authentically so that they apply their knowledge, develop innovative and collaborative expertise, and build social and cultural competencies through rigorous community-based learning and research opportunities that seek to address issues or solve problems locally and globally. In sum, UNC engaged learning prepares students for citizenship, life, and work by making a difference in the lives of communities.

Academic Engagement by the Numbers shows the institutional impact made by faculty, students, and others who are bringing education to life.

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Examples of recent engagement at UNC and specific information regarding the impact of engagement on the UNC campus are showcased here.

Asset Based Approaches to Community. Students in a UNC honors course taught by Sarah Wyscaver, Director of Leadership Studies, explored the assets different refugee communities bring to Greeley. By mapping the resources, benefits and global understanding that resulted from Greeley’s diverse populations students were able to see and value the whole community.  

New Methods for Teaching. In Leadville, Colorado, high school algebra teacher Karl Remsen uses video lectures as part of “flipped learning”- a method that engages students in the classroom. Remsen was one of 30 Colorado teachers who attended UNC’s Improving Teacher Quality summer workshop on using tools and technology in rural classrooms, taught by UNC Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute outreach coordinator Jerry Overmyer.