Mission and History

As a result of much perseverance on the part of students, staff and faculty, the César Chávez Cultural Center, first opened its doors on September 3, 1985. According to the Silvana Carlos, author of the Hispanic Cultural Center, An Oral History, many people had been talking about a Chicano Student Center for years. Actual creation of the Center was formally proposed by the Hispanic Concerns Task Force in September of 1984 appointed by President Dickeson. According to Carlos, some of the key players were Mr. Ray Romero, director of the Center for Human Enrichment, Mr. Carlos Leal, chair of the Hispanic Studies Department, Dr. Roberto Cordova and Dr. Maria Lopez a professors in the Hispanic Studies Department, and Tony Carvajal from the College of Education.

After the committee found the perfect location, they decided on the name of “The Hispanic Cultural Center” which would later be changed to its current name honoring the Civil Rights Activist, Mr. César E. Chávez.

The Center has been in its current location since then and will soon celebrate its 30th year on the UNC Campus! Please join us as we plan a large scale celebration and bring home Hispanic alumni!

Previous Directors include:

  • Dr. Frank Lucero
  • Mike Salazar
  • Vicki Leal-Larsen
  • Silvana Carlos
  • Scott VanLoo
  • Dr. Priscilla Falcón
  • Erick Rennaker
  • Trish Escobar – current

Click here to read the entire The Hispanic Cultural Center, An Oral History, by Ms. Silvana Carlos.

Our Mission statement has been recently revised as a result of the CAS Standard’s Self Review process just completed in the fall of 2011.

“The César Chávez Cultural Center supports educational attainment and persistence of Latino students and serves as a resource to the larger campus community regarding the Latino culture.”