UNC Catering

No matter what your event or needs, UNC Catering offers a range of choices and helpful expertise. With any of the following options, an event planner can help find the right menu and options for your budget, plans, and number of guests.

To book an event, or if you have any questions, please call the Scheduling and Event Planning Office at (970) 351-1315 and speak with one of our event planners.

What types of events do we cater? UNC Catering has a range of menus to fit your needs for any event from social events, weddings, professional events, business meetings, and conferences to campus events.

  • We are a preferred caterer for the following:
    • AIMS Community College Corporate Education Center
    • City of Greeley
    • Greeley Chamber of Commerce
    • Island Grove Events Center
    • Union Colony Civic Center
    • UNC University Center & campus

UNC's Executive Chef Essig was recently in Italy and France (read about his adventures here) and is creating a special event for everyone. It should be in scheduled in late spring, so keep checking back for more details.


Download our brochure (PDF).

Note: We are in the middle of re-organizing our website. If you have problems finding anything, please contact us at (970) 351-1315. Thank you!