Seasonal Menus - Fall

The following special offerings are available to events scheduled between September 15th and November 19th. Due to our concern that the products offered at your event are of the highest quality and best value, these items are specially offered during this period and are not available outside these dates. Thank you for allowing UNC Catering to serve your needs.

Hors D'Oeuvres

  • Reuben Canapes* (50 pieces) $68.00
    • dark rye crisps topped with a classic reuben cheese spread, corned beef, and fried caper garnish

Signature Dinner Salad

(Add $1.75 to your served Dinner to upgrade your salad.)

  • Colorado Apple Wood Smoked Goat Cheese and Toasted Walnut Salad*
    • with fresh spinach, radicchio curried apple compote, served with a spiced apple cider vinaigrette

Served Breakfast

  • Classic Monte Cristo with Cranberry Chutney $9.25
    • this classic breakfast sandwich of ham, turkey and Swiss cheese is placed between two pieces of thick cut bread then dipped, French toast style, and cooked until the cheese is melted to perfection then dusted with powdered sugar
    • served with: sausage, assorted muffins, fresh fruit, chilled orange juice, coffee, hot tea and 2% milk

Served Lunch

  • German Style Bratwurst served with Apple Juniper Kraut $8.75
    • real German bratwurst simmered in Heffwiezen Beer and spices then seared until golden; served with slow simmered sauerkraut and hot German potato salad

Served Dinner

  • Braised Venison Shoulder with Fall Vegetable Ragout* $19.50
    • try pairing this entrée with Fall side options: Colorado spiced spaghetti squash and whole wheat pilaf

Vegetarian Option

  • Sweet Potato Empanada $13.25
    • creamy sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables baked inside a flaky pie crust pocket, served with roasted corn salsa and a cilantro red pepper coulis


  • Pumpkin Roulade with Spiced Crème Anglasie and Cranberry Sauce $3.75
    • moist Genoise cake rolled with pumpkin mousse, dusted with powdered sugar then served elegantly with our house made custard and cranberry sauces

Colorado Proud *UNC serves Colorado Proud items.