Liquor and Beverage Service

À la Carte Beverage Menu (prices include tax)

  • $1.50 Soft Drinks
  • $2.00 Juice (15.5 oz Dole)
  • $4.00 Domestic Beer
  • $4.50 Premium Beer
  • $4.00 House Wines
  • $5.00 Premium Wines
  • $5.00 Call Brands
  • $4.50 Well Brands

Wines Served With Dinner (prices include tax)

  • $15.00 House Wine (per bottle)
  • $25.00 Premium Wine (per bottle)
  • $25.00 Colorado Wine, upon availability (per bottle) Colorado Proud

We serve Walnut Crest as our House Wine and J Lohr as our Premium Wine. Both bottles are 750ml and should serve approximately 6 glasses.

Champagne (prices include tax)

  • $12.00 Non-Alcoholic Champagne (per bottle)
  • $17.00 Cook's Champagne (per bottle)
  • $30.00 Korbel Brut Champagne (per bottle)
  • $18.50 Verdi Spumonti (per bottle)
  • $310.00 Dom Perignom Cuvee (per bottle)
  • $360.00 Cristal (per bottle)

The price of the champagne includes the pouring of the champagne into glass flutes and may be picked up at a cart or from designated areas. Non-alcohol champagne will also be provided in plastic flutes. For an additional charge of $50.00 per 100 guests, we will serve the champagne to the guests at their tables. Non-alcohol champagne will be provided to guests under 21 years of age. Cristal & Dom Perignom Cuvee will be table served at no additional charge.

The following options are available for liquor and beverage service:

Host Bar:

  • Option 1: A pre-determined budget is established by the host.
  • Option 2: A pre-determined number of drink tickets may be selected at a value of $4.75 for a full bar.

In both options, the bar would become a cash bar once the maximum is met, or all tickets have been used.

Cash Bar:

Full standard bar service with guests paying for their own beverages.

The Host or Cash bar must exceed $125 in sales or the customer will be billed the balance. A wine and beer bar must exceed $75 in sales or the customer will be billed the balance. Any reception lasting over five hours will be assessed $100 per hour for each additional hour or portion of the hour. Any event serving alcohol is required to hire university security at $50.00 per hour.