Helpful Information

Menu Selection

The Event Planning Office is available to help you decide on an appropriate menu that fits your event or budget. The menu suggestions presented are the most popular selections offered. We do offer several signature items which can enhance your menu or if there are any special dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, we are happy to accommodate with notice. The approximate number of guests and menu selection should be made at least three weeks prior to the event date.

Time of Function

The contract agreement specifies the agreed time we have set for your function service. Please ask your guests to be prompt in order to insure the success and enjoyment of their meals. Meals served 1/2 hour late may impair the quality of the food and incur a late serving charge.

Attendance Guarantees

Guaranteed counts are required five business days prior to your event. Charges will be based on the guaranteed number or actual number of persons served, whichever is higher. Changes in the guaranteed count after the deadline will be subject to product availability and charged a late fee of $50.00.

Outside Food and Beverage

Food and beverage (exception: wedding and sheet cakes and mints) served in meeting rooms and public areas must be provided by University Catering in accordance with our Colorado State Food and Beverage License. Plastic ware for cake receptions may be provided by the customer. In order to maintain the highest food safety standards, removal of leftover food or beverages from the event to be used for later consumption is prohibited.


All informal orders are served with plastic ware and napkins. For an additional charge of $3.50 per person, a formal setup can be requested. This would include china, linen, wait staff, and full service.

Off Campus Delivery

A delivery charge of $50 will be assessed for any catered event off campus. Additional charges may be assessed based on the size of the event and the distance from the city of Greeley. Catered events outside the University Center are limited to one entree unless approved by the Executive Chef or Assistant Director of Dining Services for Catering and Cash Operations (or their designee).


A $500 deposit is required within 30 days of booking the event. The deposit is not refunded if the event is canceled within six (6) months of the event. Otherwise, the deposit will be applied to the bill. A 6.36% sales tax is added to all prices quoted.

Balance is required at the time the guaranteed count is given, which is five business days in advance.


The deposit is not refunded if the event is canceled within six (6) months of the event. Otherwise, the deposit is applied to the bill. Cancellations occurring 15-21 days prior to the event will be invoiced an additional 10% of the projected cost; cancellations occurring 7-14 days prior to the event will be invoiced an additional 25% of the projected cost; and cancellations occurring 4-6 days prior to the event will be invoiced an additional 40% of the projected cost.

Alcoholic Beverages/Security

The University Center policy reflects our concern for a responsible approach to the serving and consuming of alcohol. The groups and/or individuals who are hosting the event are fully liable for the conduct of all guests and for the compliance with state liquor regulations. Violation of any of the City of Greeley or State of Colorado Liquor Codes is a criminal offense, and violators may be subject to fines or imprisonment. The host individual and/or group is also responsible for monitoring the bar and guests to insure that intoxicated persons and/or minors are not served alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverage is to be served outside the parameters of the University Center per the Catering state liquor license agreement.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are required by law to be available during the times when alcohol is served. The Event Planner will assist in selecting this menu. The minimum food order will be 3 hors d'oeuvres per person, and one of the 3 items must be hot.

The University Center requires uniformed security at the host's expense, when alcohol is served, at $50.00 per hour. The University Center staff must check the identification of guests who appear to be under 21 years of age. Identification checks will be made at the service bar or dining tables.

Host bars will be assessed a 15% gratuity for bartenders, and no tip jar will be present.

Events serving alcohol shall not exceed five hours, plus the bar will close at 11:00pm.

The price of the champagne includes the pouring of the champagne into glass flutes and may be picked up at a cart or from designated areas. Non-alcohol champagne is also available & will be provided in plastic flutes. For an additional charge of $50.00 per 100 guests, we will serve the champagne to the guests at their tables. Non-alcohol champagne may be purchased for guests under 21 years of age. Cristal & Dom Perignom Cuvee will be table served at no additional charge.

University Center and Host Responsibilities

The University Center reserves the right to inspect and control all functions. All displays and decorations must be approved by the Event Planning Office. Any personal property of the customer brought on the premise and left either prior to, during, or following the function, shall be at the sole risk of the customer. The University Center shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any such property for any reason.

The Host responsible for the group will be held accountable for any damages or extraordinary cleaning costs caused by the group and will be billed at cost accordingly. By signing the University Center confirmation, the Host acknowledges his/her responsibility and liability for damage as well as the consequences of alcohol service (if offered).

University Policy

The University Center reserves the right to cancel a reservation if it conflicts in any way with the general policies of the University regarding events on campus. Event Planning reserves the right to change a reservation when a change is deemed necessary. Smoking is not permitted in the University Center.

Price Changes

While we make every attempt not to increase our prices, economic conditions dictate that we have this flexibility. Therefore, all prices are subject to change during the academic year.