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Resume Overview:

A resume is a document designed to provide an overview of relevant experiences to potential employers.

Resume Creator is a free tool to quickly create, format and edit your resume. Log on to Bears Career Connection (BCC) and click on "Create Resume using Resume Creator" which can be found on the left hand side menu.

For more sample resumes specific to majors, please visit Career Services. Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for assistance with building your resume or for a resume review.

What should I include on my resume?

The answer… it depends. It is wise to create a resume early in your academic career to document all of the places you have worked/volunteered, experiences you have had, skills you have gained, and achievements you have accomplished. However, you should NEVER turn in a general resume listing everything you have ever done; you should ALWAYS tailor your resume to highlight experiences and skills that are relevant to the specific job/internship description.

Here are some steps to help you create a great resume:

  1. Look at the job or internship description and highlight the specific skills/qualifications you have that the employer is looking for in an applicant.
  2. Review your general resume and identify the experiences (paid or unpaid) that best represent those skills/qualifications.
  3. Create your tailored resume. Make sure the most relevant experiences are at the top of your resume and least relevant are at the bottom.
  4. Get your resume critiqued by a Career Counselor at Career Services.

Quick resume tips:

  • Usually 1 page in length, unless enough experience to fill a full two pages
  • Tailor your resume to the desired position  
  • Easy to read font (e.g., Times New Roman, Courier New, Cambria- 11-12 font)
  • Margins no less than 0.5” and no more than 1”
  • Free of typos and grammatical errors

For more detailed information on how to write a strong resume, log on to BCC and go to Resume Creator. After you click on "Resume Templates" you will find the "Job Search Guides" resource with some valuable information on resumes.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) Overview:

A Curriculum Vita (CV) is a comprehensive biographical statement emphasizing professional qualifications, memberships, and activities. It is similar to a resume, but often used in academic settings and by those with advanced degrees. A CV's length may vary, with experienced professionals’ CV’s often reaching over 10 pages in length.

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References & Letters of Recommendation

References are professionals who can speak to your skills, strenghts, and qualifications. Some examples of professionals who may provide references for you are:

  • Employers/Supervisors
  • Internship Supervisors
  • Research Advisors
  • Faculty Members
  • Co-workers

Remember to provide references that are relevant to the job you are applying for; people who will be able to speak to your skills and qualifications for the type of work you will be performing.

References should be listed on a separate page from your resume. Include your resume heading with your name and contact information, then list your references.

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