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Notice: Beginning June 27th, we will not be renewing our subscription to Optimal Resume.

Before then, we’d like to offer you two options for saving the documents you created.

First, you can access Optimal Resume to download your documents created and save them to your computer before June 27, 2014.  Any documents or websites you created will be lost.  You can access your Optimal Resume account here.

If you would prefer to continue your service with Optimal Resume, save your documents, and websites, you can convert your institution-supported account in OptimalResume.com to a personal account for a fee.  Just follow this link and sign in to transfer your account:  You will not have to re-register and all of your documents and websites will be saved.

Additionally, Career Services has a new resume writing product which you can access through your Bears Career Connection Account.

Simply log into your Bears Career Connection account and once you are logged-in look for “Create Resume Using Resume Creator” on the left side of the screen.  From there you can simply follow the instructions and create a resume.

If you have any concerns, please contact Career Services at 970-351-2127.

Optimal Resume Instructions

Optimal Resume is a FREE resource for current UNC students. This website allows you to view a variety of resume templates, choose one you like, input your information into the template and then download your resume in to Microsoft Word for easy editing.

Getting Started

  • Go to Optimal Resume
  • Click "Create a New Account" and use your "bears" e-mail address for a free account
  • Once your account has been created, click "Create New Resume" and name your resume
  • You now have three options:
    1. Browse Section Sets: This option allows you to view example resume headings/sections. You can then add your own content under each section.
    2. Browse Samples: This option is ideal for first time resume creators, it is the easiest and quickest option. It allows you to choose an example and type of resume in your own major/career area of interest and input your own information. (Note: look at multiple categories, not just your major, to get several resume ideas and options)
    3. Start From Scratch: This option allows you to start from scratch and create your own resume headers and content.

Changing the Format or Style

  • On the right-hand menu bar of your resume, under "Document" click "Style Resume." This allows you to:
    • Change the style/look of your resume
    • Change the layout, which includes margins, header, and title/section layout
    • Change the font of your resume
    • Change the bullets, lines, and spacing on your resume

To Save

  • Resumes are automatically saved to your account on Optimal Resume when you log out
  • You can view the resumes you have created by clicking on "Document" and "Show History" on the right-hand menu bar
  • We highly recommend that you export your resume into a Word document in order to make formatting and content edits easier
    • Click "Download" located on the top menu bar
    • Select "Microsoft Word Compatible" or "Plain Text"
    • Save your new resume document to your computer


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