Our Staff


Renée Welch, M.S.

  • Phone: 970-351-2698
  • Email: renee.welch@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: an actuary, a hair stylist, a chemist, a fashion stylist
  • What I love about what I do: Helping students learn more about who they are and how they’d like to contribute to the world.  Working with employers to learn more about the world of work.
Employer Relations Team:




Associate Director, Employer Relations

(not pictured)


Norma Juarez
Employer Relations Specialist and Office Manager

  • Phone: 970-351-1874
  • Email: norma.juarez@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: Teacher, Nurse, Lawyer, Dancer
  • What I love about what I do: Helping student learn more about the resources available to them on and off campus. I enjoy building relationships with employers to help connect them to our students and alumni to provide employment and learning opportunities.

(not pictured)


Diane Kull
Event Coordinator

  • Phone: 970-351-2786
  • Email: diane.kull@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: Art Teacher, Media Specialist, Accountant
  • What I love about what I do:  I love coordinating events for students and employers where they can meet and talk about employment, work experiences, and careers.  Developing relationships with students, employers, and across campus, enhances my ability to bring effective outcomes and expands resources for students and employers, but honestly it’s just a fun component of my job!
Career Counseling Team:



(not pictured)

Jael Esquibel, M.A., LPC, NCC, MBTI® Certified Practitioner, Strong Interest Inventory Certified Practitioner
Career Counselor

  • Phone: 970-351-2696
  • Email: jael.esquibel@unco.edu
  • What I thought I wanted to be:
    Before finding my passion for career counseling, I thought I wanted to be a 3D Computer Animator or a Visual Effects Supervisor.
  • What I love about what I do:
    I love working closely with students and alumni, building relationships, and watching students/alumni figure out their career paths and reach their goals. I enjoy learning about the world of work and connecting with UNC faculty and staff to better assist students and alumni.
(not pictured)

Elizabeth Mahoney, M.A., MBTI® Certified Practitioner
Career Counselor
National Testing Coordinator

  • Phone: 970-351-2127
  • Email: elizabeth.mahoney@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: A Broadway Actress
  • What I love about what I do: I love working with students and helping them plan the next chapter of their life vocationally. I enjoy seeing our students take either entrance exams for graduate school and law school applications as well as licensure exams.

Quill Phillips, M.A.,MBTI® Certified Practitioner
Career Counselor

  • Phone: 970-351-2127
  • Email: laquilla.phillips@unco.edu
  • What I thought I wanted to be:
    I thought I wanted to be a psychologist and listen to people's problems and help them while they lay on my comfy couch.
  • What I love about what I do:
    I like being able to work with all different types of students and helping them create a professional developmental plan that satisfies their skills, strengths and values.
Career Counselor

Catherine Harris, M.A. Candidate
Graduate Assistant, Career Counselor

  • Phone: 970-351-1869
  • Email: catherine.harris@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: Architect, High School Counselor, Professor, Public Speaker... Career Counselor!
  • What I love about what I do: I love the resiliency of college students and becoming an active participant in their academic and emotional well-being by giving them tools to succeed, and watching them grow intellectually. And I just love to learn about the different perspectives and experiences that students bring to the table.

Sammy Katopodes, M.A. Candidate
Graduate Assistant, Career Counselor

  • Phone: 970-351-1844
  • Email: samantha.katopodes@unco.edu
  • What I wanted to be: An interior designer, an art gallery owner, an artist!
  • What I love about what I do: I love getting the chance to help people figure out what they love to do and how to go about doing that.  When I’m working with a student/alumni and see their eyes light up and the weight lifted off their shoulder because they’ve figured out one more piece to the puzzle, I know I’m doing things right!

Lindsay Robertson, M.A. Candidate
Intern, Career Counselor

  • Phone: 970-351-2127
  • Email: lindsay.robertson@unco.edu
  • What I thought I wanted to be: I thought I wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher until I found the world of higher education and student affairs.
  • What I love about what I do: I enjoy having the opportunity to be involved in multiple offices and activities on a college campus, currently including the Stryker Institute for Leadership Development and Career Services.
Testing Services:



Linda Morehead
Testing / Budget Coordinator

  • Phone: 970-351-2790
  • Email: linda.morehead@unco.edu
  • What I thought I wanted to be: I would have loved to have been an archeologist
  • What I love about what I do: Helping clients/student to further their academic future

Student Staff:


(not pictured)


Britney Del Caprio
Career Resource Ambassador
Assistant Fairs Coordinator
Email: Britney.DelCaprio@unco.edu

  • Year in School: Senior
  • Major: Psychology
  • Where I am from: Frederick, CO
  • Future Career Aspirations: I would like to become a clinical counselor, either working with families or college students.
  • Why I enjoy working in Career Services: Personally, working for this office has really helped me figure out the path that I want to take both academically and professionally. I also love being a resource to fellow students and connecting them with our career counselors to figure out their path.

Career Resource Ambassador

Shonnie Fisher
Career Resource Ambassador
Marcus Garvey Cultural Center Liaison
Email: Shonnie.Fisher@unco.edu

  • Year in School: Junior
  • Major: Athletic Training
  • Where I am from: Georgia
  • Future Career Aspirations: Head Athletic Trainer at a university or Professional Sports team.
  • Why I enjoy working in Career Services: I love how everyone in the office is always so positive and that I'm able to connect with my peers in order to figure out what they feel they need from Career Services.
Faculty in Residence:



Jennifer Murdock, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Faculty in Residence, Career Services
Associate Professor, Counselor Education

Jennifer is an associate professor of Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Northern Colorado. In the state of Colorado, Dr. Murdock is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Special Services Provider-School Counselor, and nationally she is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Master Career Counselor, and a Master Career Development Professional.


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