Plagiarism happens—that’s a sad and simple truth.  Sometimes it happens due to ignorance of how to give credit to rightful sources; sometimes it happens due to ignorance about what should be given credit; sometimes it happens because students panic and think theft is a better alternative to failure. Regardless of why it happens, instructors need a way to help identify and investigate potential plagiarism. UNC offers VeriCite as its anti-plagiarism tool embedded in Canvas to help detect instances of plagiarism.    

When an instructor creates an assignment in a Canvas course, they can choose to use VeriCite to check their students’ submissions. VeriCite turns the student submission into a plain-text document and checks it against various public resources as well as UNC’s private repository of previously submitted student VeriCite papers. UNC’s private repository is encrypted, and only UNC has access to these papers, so student privacy is always maintained. VeriCite doesn’t have access to private journals, nor does it have access to other plagiarism service repositories (so all of the past papers submitted to SafeAssign won’t be checked in a VeriCite report). No anti-plagiarism tool is fool-proof, and it is up to the instructor to determine if the paper includes inappropriately used content.

If you created a Vericite in 2016, please watch the video below to update to the NEW Vericite tool.